DL380p Gen8 Memory

NOTE: HP memory from previous generation servers are not qualified or warranted with
this HP ProLiant Server. HP SmartMemory is required to realize the memory performance
improvements and enhanced functionality listed in this document for Gen8. For additional
information, please see the HP SmartMemory QuickSpecs at:

NOTE: LRDIMM, RDIMM and UDIMM, are all distinct memory technologies and cannot be
mixed within a server. The majority of ProLiant Gen8 servers support LRDIMM, RDIMM and

NOTE: All DDR3 memory option kits consist of one DIMM per kit. For detailed memory
configuration rules and guidelines, please use the Online DDR3 Memory Configuration
Tool: www.hp.com/go/ddr3memory-configurator.

NOTE: Depending on the memory configuration and processor model, 1600MHz and
1333MHz memory may operate at a lower speed. Please see the see the "Memory"
section later in this document and the Online Memory Configuration Tool for details at:

NOTE: For additional memory rules and guidelines, see the "Memory" section later in this

NOTE: For more information on ProLiant Energy Efficient Features, see:

NOTE: PC3L is a low voltage memory.

Registered DIMMs (RDIMMs)

NOTE: The following memory is supported by the E5-2600 series...

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